Quality policy and health and safety at work at FPM S.A.

FPM S.A. has accomplished and established an excellent position in the home market of the mills for
crushing and pulverising mineral materials, mechanical stokers, deslaggers and welded steel constructions.
We have attained the stabile position and continuing development by consequent forming of our company’s image as a reliable and competent partner that obeys the ethical and law rules of applied in business with simultaneous care of our financial standing and market success connected with our activities.


The management system based implemented in the works of FPM S.A. complies with the requirements of the standards PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 and PN-N 18001:2004 and is used as a modern instrument for managing, supervising our process-oriented enterprise and is aimed at fulfilling the requirements of the interested parties.
WAs the essential success factor of our business we consider the ongoing improvement of activities and their effects in relation to the management systems in place, offered products and working environment, while ensuring economically reasonable use of the financial potential.
In recognition of the need for continuous monitoring and meeting expectations of the interested parties, we provide safe and healthy working conditions and seek to carefully fulfil our obligations, developing partnership relations with the stakeholders based on mutual benefits and respect of interests.
Our activities taking into account the changing environment and expectations of the stakeholders are focused on:

• sustainable business development;
• assuring that the interested parties are satisfied with the quality of co-operating with our company;
• assuring a long-term service of the devices and delivery of replacement parts;
• creating risk-free environment;
• improving staff qualifications;
• preventing occupational diseases, situations potentially leading to accidents, and other emergencies that could contribute to an accident or health loss by employees and other persons staying within the area of our works as well as by persons being in contact with our products.

As I appreciate the importance of systemic attitude to management I declare my personal commitment to supporting the activities in favour of realisation of the present policy, thereof creating an appropriate work culture characterised by the employees’ awareness and commitment to decision-making and performance processes within their scopes of competence.


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